Brockley, sponsored by UberWebDesign, travelled just down the road to near neighbours Sudbury.

unfortunatey the road they just travelled down had more holes than a lorry load of polos and more signs than a Belle Stars fan club night out.

Add to that the ridiculous decision to follow the “local knowledge” of Sykes which was tantamount to relying on the “local knowledge” of mark thatcher to get your rally car home and it was no surprise that the team arrived in a bedraggled convoy across the Sudbury outfield .

having arrived with all the class of the last departees of the Grover and Allen on a particularly low brow Friday night , Brockley were asked to field first and managed to just about perform above the low expectations that they had conveyed.

for their part Sudbury were particularly kind to the increasingly doddery Sykes but equally kept their wickets in tact.

the turning point came with 11 overs to go when Steve Witham came to the wicket. Steve is a lovely bloke who has played against Brockley on many occasions and always been amiable and good mannered.

however his politeness always seems to fail to recognise that scoring a gazillion runs off about 10 balls does rather spoil the game and more to the point put local emergency glaziers on standby. His 75 ended when Firth thankfully bowled him but not before holiday makers bound for Stansted had been diverted to Gatwick to avoid the airborne missiles

Chasing 278 seemed an almost impossible task for the Brockley batsman and in reality it was far harder than that.

however they gave it a decent go as Stuart Fisher showed determination and fluency to post his first century of the season and for a short period when accompanied by the recently prolific Stuart Hill , the impossible became only very very unlikely

normality eventually returned and when Fisher found himself left with just the lame Sykes he did the only thing decent and put everyone out of their misery.

sudbury are a super side who made the odd band of villagers from down the road most welcome.  Which was, in itself, very welcome.