Brockley, generously sponsored by A14 Tyres : if what you desire is black, round and rubber then you would be bonkers to go anywhere else – all sizes, all makes and a jolly friendly bunch, welcomed Exning on the club’s second annual Legends Day.

The opportunity to mix with the great and the good from from the Brockley pantheon ensured a crowd bigger than Portman Road sees in many a year and thanks to ex :Captain, spin bowler, middle order batsman, slip fielder (more one handed catches than Captain Hook) and President, Ken Boreham, it was louder that the Landon Stadium when the 4x100m team came home for gold.

To balance the enthusiasm out, JR got there nice and early and laid the foundations  for the most minimal of sporting expectations before sustenance provided by Tig on the BBQ ( few people are aware that the origin of this abbreviation relates to Brockley Burgers and the inevitable Queue.) and Cat and Jean on the bar – they are proper stars and one hopes that certain first team players who should know better don’t steal their son’s place in the batting line up again.

The pitch and outfield looked as good as it have ever done and it was super for groundsman DF to witness and for Kathy to see where Denis spends all his summer.

There was little chance of rain but should it have appeared we had Dodge on hand to quickly rustle up an extra cover out of pipe cleaners and sticky back plastic ( how did John Noakes get the job ahead of Dodge?) and DJ and Wes would have pushed them out one-handed in a time that would have left the Botswana bloke convinced he really did have the Norovirus.

It was super to see a game played without a single ball being thrown but then I suspect everyone knew that CT would be along later and no bowler would dare to bend their arm.

Even better to hear that Boomer, and of course the silly shot, would be out of retirement for a “home” fixture in Haverhill next week and hats of to Mrs Huffer for running the football card – if anyone deserved a glass of Prosecco to celebrate then she did.

It was good to have Mel Phair and Phil Smith officiate although a little disappointing not to see Stuart Fisher given out LBW.

A final thanks to Stuart Hill for doing a lot of the organising – a task not to be sniffed at – and to everyone else that contributed to a great club day.

Exning won by two wickets.