Five Wicket Hauls

First Team Five Wicket Hauls

Dean Sykes13.2-3-24-9Maldon II2004
L. Pawsey9-3-20-8Unknown1973
K. Boreham8-1-21-8Thurlow (a)1965
L. Pawsey18.3-5-28-8Gt. Barton (h)1967
L. Pawsey10-1-32-8Thurlow (h)1965
L. Pawsey11-2-32-8Isleham (a)1964
Isaac Reed15-3-34-8Brightlingsea2012
L. Pawsey19-3-69-8Culford (a)1967
K. Boreham18-11-7-7Cockfield (a)1965
L. Pawsey8.5-4-8-7Northbury (a)1966
K. Boreham8.5-3-12-7Clare (h)1965
Dean Sykes14-7-12-7East Bergholt (h)2006
D. Fisher11.1-4-15-7Thurston (a)1977
L. Pawsey15-7-15-7Great Barton (h)1980
K. Boreham11.5-3-15-7Thurlow (a)1964
Dean Sykes13.3-9-16-7Haverhill (a)2005
D. Fisher10-4-18-7Newmarket (a)1974
L. Pawsey13-4-19-7Great Barton (h)1973
L. Pawsey10-6-20-7Cornard (h)1977
L. Pawsey15.1-4-20-7Culford (a)1966
L. Pawsey10-3-20-7Lakenheath (a)1965
Phil Reed11.4-4-21-7Newmarket (a)1978
K. Boreham12-3-21-7Culford (a)1965
Phil Reed13-3-23-7Great Conard (a)1975
Phil Reed10-4-23-7Long Melford (a)1974
M. Lebbon13-3-24-7Worlington (h)2005
Isaac Reed11.3-0-26-7Mistley II (h)2015
D. Fisher10.5-3-26-7Hartest (a)1974
L. Pawsey9.1-2-26-7Rede (a)1958
Phil Reed18-1-30-7R.B.R. (h)1968
L. Pawsey15-5-30-7Cockfield (a)1971
L. Pawsey16.5-2-31-7Bury Rail (h)1974
John Reed7.4-1-31-7Lakenheath (h)1965
Phil Reed11.5-4-32-7Hartest & District (a)1975
L. Pawsey10.4-1-33-7Wetherden (h)1976
L. Pawsey15.2-6-35-7Hartest (h)1973
K. Boreham14.1-2-36-7R.B.R. (a)1968
Phil Reed17.3-6-41-7Wetherden (a)1982
Phil Reed19-8-47-7Newmarket (a)1979
L. Pawsey18-2-50-7Newmarket (a)1976
L. Pawsey16.2-2-50-7Ridleys (a)1965
Joe Reed13-1-55-7Mildenhall (h)2007
Joe Reed15-2-55-7East Bergholt (h)2008
Phil Reed17-1-69-7Carribeans (h)1981
Joe Reed10.4-2-73-7Brightlingsea2009
Joe Reed18-2-103-7Kelvedon (a)2007
D. Fisher7-3-5-6Hartest (h)1974
Mark Lebbon10-6-6-6Sugar Beet (h)1989
Phil Reed15-7-7-6Cavendish (a)1978
Ken Boreham5-1-11-6Lakenheath (a)1966
L. Pawsey14.2-8-11-6Haughley (a)1977
Phil Reed8.5-1-14-6Nowton (a)1982
John Reed7.4-2-14-6Long Melford (a)1966
Dennis Fisher8-2-15-6Nowton (h)1993
L. Pawsey15-8-16-6Unknown1973
Ken Boreham9.1-3-15-6Eriswell (a)1964
Dean Sykes11-2-17-6Braintree (a)2010
Len Pawsey12.5-3-17-6Sainsburys (h)1966
D. Fisher9.1-2-18-6Nowton (h)1981
Dean Sykes15-9-18-6Copford (h) (h)2013
Dean Sykes15-7-18-6Ipswich (a)2008
L. Pawsey8-1-19-6Great Conard (h)1975
L. Pawsey13-5-20-6Cornard (h)1976
Ken Boreham5.4-0-20-6Cockfield (h)1965
Ken Boreham13.1-5-20-6Clare (a)1964
Dean Sykes16-5-20-6Easton (h)2010
Harry Rose12-4-21-6Horringer (a)1958
Len Pawsey12.5-6-21-6Eriswell (a)1965
Keith Bishop14.5-6-21-6Clare (a)1967
Dean Sykes15-5-21-6Mildenhall II2009
L. Pawsey16-7-22-6Wetherden (h)1978
Len Pawsey8.1-1-22-6Tuddenham (h)1965
L. Pawsey16.1-5-22-6Horringer (a)1975
Dennis Fisher9-0-22-6Mildenhall (h)1968
D. Fisher10.2-2-24-6Woolpit (a)1974
L. Pawsey15-2-24-6Long Melford (a)1976
Dean Sykes11.3-5-24-6Cockfield (a)1986
Len Pawsey13-7-24-6Cavenham (a)1964
Phil Reed12-5-25-6Cavendish (h)1976
Len Pawsey17-4-25-6Lakenheath (a)1964
Dean Sykes19-9-25-6Woobridge2004
Ken Boreham7.5-0-26-6Cavenham (a)1964
Dean Sykes9-2-27-6Woolpit (a)1994
Len Pawsey15-3-28-6Worlington (h)1958
Ken Boreham13-4-29-6Little Wratting (a)1966
Brian Challis7.4-1-30-6Clare (a)1964
Phil Reed12.1-4-30-6Nowton (a)1967
D. Sykes18-6-30-6Clacton (a)2001
Len Pawsey12-0-31-6Nowton (h)1967
Dean Sykes15-4-31-6Dunmow (h)2012
Phil Reed10-1-32-6Wetherden (a)1981
J. McKinney9.4-1-32-6Dunmow (a)2002
Len Pawsey11.1-2-32-6Long Melford (h)1967
Dennis Fisher13-1-32-6Great Barton (h)1966
L. Pawsey11-2-34-6Wetherden1976
Len Pawsey14-0-39-6Great Barton (a)1965
Isaac Reed12.4-0-42-6Kelvedon (a)2014
Isaac Reed15-4-45-6Woodbridge & O.W. (h)2015
D. Sykes14-4-45-6Wetherden (a)1983
Len Pawsey12-1-45-6Woolpit (a)1964
Joe Reed15-2-45-6Harwich & Dovercourt (a)2002
Dean Sykes15-2-45-6Thurston (a)1986
Joe Reed17-5-45-6Sudbury II2007
Len Pawsey12-0-46-6Nowton (a)1970
Phil Reed12-0-47-6Worlington (h)1981
Joe Reed13-1-59-6Mildenhall (a)2008
Dean Sykes21-2-59-6Elmstead (a)2006
Steve Lancaster15-3-65-6Haverhill2004
Ken Boreham14.2-1-77-6Clare (a)1965
Ben Jeffrey15-0-79-6Hadleigh (a)2012
Isaac Reed4.3-1-4-5Ipswich and ES (a)2014
D. Philips6.1-2-4-5Ampton and Culford (h)1986
D. Fisher6-3-5-5Great Barton (a)1976
Len Pawsey11-7-5-5Bury Hospitals (h)1967
M. Beloe6-3-7-5Nowton (a)1977
Len Pawsey6-2-7-5Wickhambrooke (a)1958
John Reed6-2-7-5Thurlow (h)1966
Phil Reed7.4-3-8-5Nowton (h)1970
Dean Sykes8.5-2-8-5Cockfield (h)1993
C.B. Boreham6-2-9-5Wickhambrooke (a)1958
C.Boreham11-5-10-5Cockfield (a)1958
L. Pawsey15.4-8-11-5Nowton (h)1979
Phil Reed7-3-11-5Wetherden (h)1981
Dean Sykes15-9-11-5Easton (a)2014
Mark Lebbon12-7-11-5Martlesham (h)1999
L. Pawsey10.4-4-12-5C.A.V Sudbury (h)1977
L. Pawsey14-6-12-5Horringer (a)1983
Ken Boreham8-2-12-5Horringer (h)1965
Ken Boreham9-4-12-5Clare (h)1966
K. Boreham3.2-0-13-5Long Melford (a)1977
Mark Boreham9-5-13-5Horringer (h)1993
Mark Lebbon6-2-13-5Newmarket Fodds (h)1994
C. B. Boreham7.3-2-13-5Rede (h)1958
Isaac Reed8-4-14-5Bury St Edmunds (a)2015
Ken Boreham10-1-14-5Littleport II (h)1968
K. Boreham6.1-0-15-5Thurston (a)1974
Phil Reed10-2-15-5Wattisfield (a)1977
Len Pawsey11.1-5-15-5Long Melford (h)1966
Phil Reed12.3-7-15-5King Edward School (h)1968
Dean Sykes19-11-15-5Woodbridge (a)2000
Phil Reed10-5-16-5Cockfield (a)1981
L. Pawsey10-3-16-5Cockfield (h)1978
Mark Lebbon9.4-2-16-5Nowton (a)1989
Ken Boreham13-4-16-5Thurston (h)1971
Len Pawsey10-0-17-5Clare (h)1966
Harry Rose6-0-18-5Cavenham (a)1958
Ken Boreham12.5-4-18-5Thurlow (h)1966
Len Pawsey7-1-19-5Isleham (h)1965
Ken Boreham8-2-19-5Clare (h)1963
Dennis Fisher10.3-3-20-5Walsham (h)2000
P. Martin14-4-21-5Bury Rail 2nds1981
D. Fisher9.1-1-21-5Cavendish (a)1975
James McKinney13-3-21-5Bury St Edmunds (h)2000
Dennis Fisher5-0-22-5Cavendish (a)1986
Len Pawsey10-4-22-5Unknown1985
Len Pawsey12-4-22-5Clare (h)1970
Len Pawsey11-2-23-5Cockfield (a)1958
Mark Lebbon7-0-24-5Mildenhall III (h)1994
Dean Sykes12-5-24-5Unknown2004
Ken Boreham12-3-24-5Thurston (h)1967
D. Fisher11-0-24-5Thurston (h)1981
L. Pawsey9.5-2-24-5Horringer (a)1974
Len Pawsey16-5-24-5Horringer (h)1966
John Reed8-1-25-5Cockfield (a)1964
Len Pawsey11.5-3-25-5Northside (a)1958
J. McKinney12-1-25-5Woolpit (h)2005
Len Pawsey17-4-25-5Culford (a)1970
D. Fisher9.1-3-26-5Horringer (a)1982
Joe Reed8-1-26-5Harwich & Dovercourt (a)2004
Len Pawsey12-4-26-5Eriswell (a)1970
Ken Boreham14.4-3-26-5Clare (h)1967
Len Pawsey16.3-8-26-5Thurston (h)1971
C. Boreham12-3-27-5Rede (h)1958
Phil Reed10-5-27-5I.C.I (a)1976
D. Fisher10-2-27-5Thurston (h)1975
Phil Reed13-3-27-5Great Barton (h)1969
Ken Boreham10.2-1-28-5Horringer (a)1966
Dennis Fisher12.1-2-28-5Ridleys (h)1965
Isaac Reed15-4-28-5Brightlingsea (a)2010
Ken Boreham15.3-4-28-5Horringer (h)1966
Joe Reed15.3-3-28-5Copford (h)2005
K. Boreham8-0-29-5Long Melford (h)1981
Len Pawsey12-4-29-5Rede (a)1959
J. Firth12-3-29-5Long Melford (h)2017
Len Pawsey14.3-3-29-5Eriswell (h)1967
Dean Sykes17-5-29-5Frinton (a)2006
Dean Sykes20-4-29-5Walsham (a)1999
Jason Boor14-4-30-5Halstead II (h)2017
Len Pawsey9.5-2-30-5Ridleys (h)1963
Phil Reed9-0-31-5Wetherden (a)1971
Len Pawsey14-4-31-5Horringer (a)1967
Phil Reed14-2-31-5Thurston (h)1969
Dean Sykes15-4-31-5Witham2009
K. Boreham7.3-0-31-5Thurston (h)1983
M. Beloe14-6-31-5Cavendish (h)1975
D. Sykes10-5-31-5Thurston (a)1982
Len Pawsey19-6-31-5Barton (a)1964
D. Fisher10-2-32-5Long Melford (h)1979
L. Pawsey15.3-4-32-5Great Barton (a)1973
Ken Boreham11-2-32-5Thurlow (a)1963
Phil Reed11-2-32-5Northbury (h)1968
Dean Sykes12-4-32-5Mildenhall II2009
Len Pawsey12.2-4-32-5Northside (h)1958
S. Ashton11.1-2-33-5Thurston (h)1970
Dean Sykes15-3-33-5East Bergholt (a)2008
D. Fisher15-4-34-5Woolpit (h)1975
Mark Lebbon14-4-34-5Worlingworth (a)1999
Isaac Reed13-1-35-5Woodbridge (h)2011
K. Boreham10.4-1-35-5Thurston (h)1974
Dennis Fisher13-3-35-5Clacton II (h)2001
Joe Reed16-7-35-5Woolpit (h)2002
D. Fisher9-0-36-5Falconers (h)1981
Phil Reed13-2-36-5Cockfield (a)1973
Dean Sykes15-6-36-5Copford2004
D. Sykes22-3-36-5Haverhill (h)2002
Phil Reed14-4-37-5Wattisfield (h)1977
L. Pawsey17.3-4-37-5Newmarket (a)1978
Len Pawsey11-2-37-5Culford (h)1967
Phil Reed13-7-37-5Lakenheath (h)1966
Neil Hillier15-3-38-5East Bergholt (a)2009
Ivan Boreham13.5-1-39-5Sudbury II2007
Isaac Reed14-6-39-5Easton (a)2010
Dean Sykes17-5-40-5Elmstead Grasshoppers (h)2011
Ian Firth15-2-41-5Brightlingsea (a)2016
L. Pawsey10-0-41-5Nowton (a)1977
L. Pawsey14.4-3-41-5Horringer (a)1976
Phil Reed12-3-41-5Thurston (h)1970
D. Fisher16-3-41-5Great Dunmow (h)2002
L. Pawsey20-8-42-5Newmarket (a)1982
James McKinney11.5-1-42-5Wivenhoe2004
I. Boreham6-0-43-5St Margarets (a)2002
Joe Reed9.3-2-43-5Felixtowe (h)2010
Colin Thomas10-0-43-5Walsham (h)1994
Jack Brame11-2-43-5Bury St Edmunds II (h)2017
K. Boreham11.1-2-44-5Thurston (a)1983
Ivan Boreham8.4-0-44-5Easton (a)2006
Dennis Fisher9-1-46-5Thurston (a)1993
Ken Boreham10-1-46-5Hartest (a)1967
Isaac Reed15-4-46-5Ipswich (h)2009
Joe Reed9-1-47-5Dunmow (h)2005
James McKinney12.2-0-47-5Maldon II2004
Dean Sykes16-2-47-5Woodbridge2012
K. Boreham9-1-48-5Bury Rail 2nds (a)1982
P. Lingwood8-3-48-5Culford (a)1963
Phil Reed17-3-48-5Lakenheath (a)1971
James McKinney14-5-49-5Copford2004
Joe Reed14-3-51-5Frinton (h)2006
Dean Sykes22-6-51-5Bury St Edmunds (h)1999
Mark Geeves13-1-52-5Woodbridge and O.W. (a)2013
Stu Hill11.3-0-52-5Worlington (h)2013
Phil Geeves18-1-57-5Unknown2000
Isaac Reed13.5-1-54-5Dunmow (a)2014
D. Fisher17.3-0-54-5I.C.A (h)1982
B. Challis8-0-54-5Tuddenham (h)1973
Dean Sykes22-6-57-5Woolpit (a)1999
Ian Firth14-3-59-5Exning (h)2017
Joe Reed13.2-2-58-5Dunmow (a)2007
John Reed17.4-4-59-5Great Barton (a)1966
Joe Reed13-0-62-5Braintree (h)2010
K Boreham13.1-1-64-5Thurston (h)1981
Isaac Reed15-2-73-5Worlington (a)2013
Joe Reed15-1-87-5Easton2009
Joe Reed14-1-91-5Ipswich (a)2007

Second Team Five Wicket Hauls

Joe Reed9-2-28-7Walsham II (h) – Sunday 2nd XI2002
Liam Grimwood6-0-13-6West Mersea (a)2009
Bill Hill6-1-20-6Battisford (h)TC Div 8 West2014
Rob Webb15-6-26-6Battisford (h)TC Div 8 West2012
Phil Mingay14.5-6-27-6Bury IV (h)TC Div 8 West2013
Isaac Reed10-7-9-5Rougham (a) – Sunday 2nd XI2004
Duncan Smart6.3-1-15-5Elmswell (h) – Sunday 2nd XI2005
James Jones8.5-0-17-5Earl Stonham (a) – Sunday 2nd XI2006
Joel Walters-Smith12.4-1-24-5Haverhill III (h)TC Div 9W2017
Bill Hill10-4-26-5Haverhill III (h)TC Div 8 West2013
Rick Meekings8-1-29-5Lavenham (a) – Sunday 2nd XI2005
Joe Reed10-5-30-5Bushel (h) – Sunday 2nd XI2005
Joe Reed7-2-31-5Worlington (a) – Sunday 2nd XI2004
James Laflin12-2-31-5Bury IV (h)TC Div 9W2016
Bill Hill12-2-31-5Stradbroke (a)TC Div 9W2016
Dennis Fisher12-0-31-5Kesgrave (h)2008
Bill Hill15-5-35-5Elveden (a) 2013TC Div 8 West2013
James Jones11-0-36-5DBSL2007
Rob Webb13-1-36-5Eye & District (h)TC Div 8 West2014
Isaac Reed9.1-0-38-5Elmswell (a) – Sunday 2nd XI2005
Bill Hill14-3-47-5Bardwell (a)TC Div 9 West2017
Angus Bridges15-0-78-5Bardwell (h)TC Div 9 West2016

Sunday Team Five Wicket Hauls

Joe Reed9-2-16-7Withersfield (h)Hunts County Div 22010
Dean Sykes10-5-8-6British Sugar (h)Hunts County Div 22014
Joe Reed8-2-13-6Mellis (h)2009
Paul Martin9-2-14-6Earl Stonham (a)1993
Isaac Reed9-4-18-6Battisford (h)Hunts County Div 22011
Phil Dean10-3-21-6Withersfield (h)Hunts County Div 22011
Rob Webb10-3-21-6Exning (a)Hunts County Div 22014
Steve Fenner8-2-24-6Stowmarket (a)Hunts County Div 22017
Jack Brame10-1-35-6Hartest (h)Hunts County Div 22013
Jack Brame9.2-2-28-6Tuddenham (h)Hunts County Div 22011
Dave Meekings6.2-4-8-5Haverhill II (h)Hunts County Div 22014
Joe Reed8-4-9-5Hadleigh (a)Hunts County Div 22010
Colin Thomas6-2-11-5Horringer (h)2000
James Jones6-0-11-5Bury St Edmunds (a)Hunts County Div 22007
Dean Sykes9-4-12-5Long Melford (a)Hunts County Div 22017
Rob Webb7-3-14-5Hartest (a)Hunts County Div 22013
Joe Reed8-4-14-5Hartest & Coldham (a)2002
Tristan Blackledge9.3-1-14-5Long Melford (a)Hunts County Div 22017
Andrew Talbott7.2-1-15-5Haverhill (h)Hunts County Div 22008
Rob Webb8.5-1-15-5Edwardstone (h)Hunts County Div 22017
T. Kimber7-2-16-5Kedington (h)1993
Mathew McKinney9-2-16-5Hadleigh III (a)1999
Isaac Reed9.2-3-17-5Hartest & Coldham (a)2002
Jack Brame5-0-19-5Lakenheath (a)2008
Joe Reed10-4-19-5Woolpit II (h)2002
Dave Meekings9.5-1-20-5Tuddenham (h)Hunts County Div 22013
Phil Dean8-0-22-5Withersfield (a)Hunts County Div 22011
Paul Martin7-1-24-5Brandon (a)1994
Dennis Fisher10-2-25-5Nowton (a)2003
Rob Webb10-2-26-5Tuddenham (a)Hunts County Div 22013
Colin Thomas10-2-30-5Kedington (a)1994
James McKinney10-4-32-5Risby2004
Joe Reed10-0-35-5Acton (a)2009
Nigel Carter10-1-42-5Great Yeldham (h)1993
Nigel Carter10-1-43-5Worlington (a)2003
Darren Lord6-0-44-5Great Yeldham (a)1994
Nigel Carter10-0-51-5Hartest and Coldham (h)1994
Joe Reed8-0-55-5Hartest and Coldham (h)2009

Midweek Team Five Wicket Hauls

L. Pawsey5-3-3-6Nowton (a)1974
Joe Reed4-0-21-6 (including Tom Westley for a first ball duck)Weston Colville (h)2005
S. Andrew4-0-4-5Elmswell (a)1994
M. Beloe5-3-6-5Whepstead (a)1978
M. Beloe4-0-6-5Rattlesden (a)1978
Liam Gimwood?-?-12-5Wratting Lions2011
D. Fisher3.3-0-13-5Bures (a)1975
P. Martin10-3-26-5British Sugar (a)1982
Based on available data. Please contact us if you know the whereabouts of any scorebooks.