The cost of local cricket continues to go up and we cannot rely on our insurers saving us every year.

It is for this reason that we are eternal grateful to those organisations and individuals that choose to donate to our cause.

We have a number of individuals that have made regular donations for many seasons, some of them anonymously. We would like to thank them all.

This season we would also like to thank those that sponsored the club/certain teams:

Our new club sponsor : Precon Products (if you don’t have your new shirt then please speak to Joel who is all over it)

Sunday team sponsor: Peter Webb

Youth section sponsor : The Hill family

And long time club sponsor and player, Isaac Reed who has kindly sponsored the club through his Ipswich Escape Rooms business (if you haven’t been to this centre of the one Isaac has in Cambridge then you should really give it a go)

Thanks again to all of these people and everyone else that gives up thewir time and money to help the club.

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