Super Day Getting Ready For The New Season – Just Add Sunshine

On a cold and breezy day it was good to see 18 volunteers turn up to  do the business.   Bill took care of the internal clean, tracking the mice down and disinfecting everything plus hoovering.  Dave and Joel emptied the changing rooms and did a stock take to establish  how much youth equipment we need.All three Englishes worked hard on the external decor of the clubhouse with Ali taking care not to get his flowing locks stained.  Dennis worked on preparing the square with the help of the Huffers, Tim with his broken finger requiring Harry’s help to steer the roller.  Henry with his 1″ brush set about painting the balcony and Steve with his 3″ brush the changing rooms.  At the far end of the field the first to arrive Alex and Joe got started on painting the site screen, the top of which was tackled with enthusiasm by Iya (we hope she has warmed up by now!) and she was bravely joined by Stu and Dean working below her.  Dave’s dog Oscar who started the day as a grey Weimeraner, ended the day as a skewbald Weimeraner.   Dan spent his time in the nets, mending the holes and then clearing the moss off the strip.
By 2pm we had all had enough and had run out of materials so it was time to retire and eat the cake provided by Dean and Iya and the coffee provided by Andrew.  The Club looks good and my thanks to all for their efforts.

Chairman Bob

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