The (not so) secret diary of a Cricket Captain in the 45-49 parkrun age bracket 

Chapter Three: Haverhill III at home

Saturday 15th May 1901 

Players = 2

Forecast = Rain

Myself and the one* member of the side who is able to provide availability more than seven days in advance, are inked** onto the team sheet. 

Sunday 16th May 1901 

Players = 5

Forecast = Rain

Enid Blyton’s The Hardcore Five are available as normal. 

Monday 17th May 1801 

Players = 6

Forecast = Rain

Tuesday 18th May 1801 

Players = 7

Forecast = Rain

Wednesday 19th May 1801 

Players = 8

Forecast = Rain

Wednesday 19th May 1901 

Nets at Bangalore Badgers

The club are potentially struggling for numbers again due to (include as applicable): football, running, cycling, triathlon, paddle boarding, rain, exams, work, injury, cold weather, children, the desire to practice making children etc. 

Move back two players now earmarked for the 1s. 

Players = 8

Players = 6

Wednesday 20th May 2001 

Players = 7

Bob Lambert-Fossington-Gore’s invaluable services have been procured. 

NB remember to thank Mrs Lambert-Fossington-Gore

Thursday 20th May 1801

Players = 9

Forecast = Rain

Chasing up laggards*** throws up some more No’s in to the collection

Friday 21st May 1101

Players = 9

Forecast = Rain

Chase up laggards****

Friday 21st May 1301 

Players = 12

Feel giddy that we have twelve players. 


Contact the one* member of the side, who said he would risk his marriage in order to play if necessary, to stand his services down. 

Friday 21st May 1411 

Players = 11

Saturday 22nd May 0901

Actual Cast = Rain

Saturday 22nd May 1111

Pitch and Rain Forecast inspection. 

Discuss with Dan Hethrington and Bob Lambert-Fossington-Gore. 

Saturday 22nd May 1125

Actual Cast = Rain

Saturday 23rd May 1230

Opposition in attendance = eleven

Badgers in attendance = six

Saturday 22nd May 1245

Win toss. Elect to bat. 

Inform team of our batting line-up. 

Lend spare whites to number nine. 

Saturday 23rd May 1259

Our number two has no bat. 

Number four has forgotten his whites and has disappeared. 

Number five has no bat. 

Numbers seven, nine and eleven are unable to umpire or score

Saturday 23rd May 1301

Doing the scoring for both books. 

Number one is out first ball of the match. 

Saturday 23rd May 1331


Saturday 23rd May 1501

Match Abandoned = Rain. 

I miss Pandora. 

Saturday 23rd May 1601

So it begins again. 

Chappel away next week please?

Forecast = Rain


** do not leave out in the rain

*** part one

**** part deux

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